Number Plates for Cars

If you have been looking for plates for cars, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are now at the right place.

We have over seven years of experience creating an extensive list of number plates for renowned and relatively unknown cars. We rely on the most modern laser cutting and CNC equipment to help us produce many car show plates and road-legal registration plates.

Our target customers are owners of millions of cars in the UK, and our goal is to meet their needs sufficiently well. We strive to achieve perfection regardless of your order, and whether you want the standard 4×4 (11-inch x 8-inch) sizes or the bespoke Lamborghini contoured acrylics, we will ensure you go home with the perfect match.

Alternatively, if you want a slightly simpler plate than the previous option, we encourage you to use our license plate maker draw-up or create a rough design.

What Is The Cost Of Plates For Cars?

The cost of our car registration plates begins from at least e19.99, enabling different car owners to develop customized number plate designs for their cars for a minimal price.

Keep in mind that car plates must be extremely readable and meet EU standards; this is an important legal requirement that allows you to use the plates on the roads.

Once you have decided to replace your car’s number plates or get plates for the private registration you bought, you will need to source a reliable dealer to help with what you want. Luckily, we are a leading and one of the most trustworthy sellers in the Republic of Ireland.

In addition, if you find some problems with your plates (which is a rare occurrence), we are always willing to assess the situation together with you and find a good solution to the problem. If the problem with your plate is obvious upon arrival, we replace the plates and ensure they are dispatched as soon as possible to save you unnecessary bother.

Number Plates on Two Cars

Are you aware that from the start of vehicle registration plates in 1903, the system has remained the same and has not changed in any major way? Although some systems have changed a little, the number plates registered from 1903 are still legal and can be used today on Irishroads.

Here is a guide to fitting number plates

Can Customers Buy Personalized Number Plates From Your Company?

We deal in a selection of options for car number plates, such as customizable plates and private registrations. Therefore, if you want to buy an entitlement to registration, we encourage you to visit our Private Registrations desk to search for your preferred car plate number.

On the other hand, if you want to develop custom registration plates through your registration, you can use our online number plate maker to do this.

When considering buying custom registration plates, we offer unique and unmatched customization solutions for your car plates. All you have to do is visit our Plate Builder and begin designing the custom license plate you want today!

Do You Sell Bespoke Size Number Plates?

Yes! At, we have an extensive selection of plates of varying shapes and sizes to suit various car makes or models. You could be looking for a custom rear plate for your Range Rover Sport car or Tesla; we will offer it quickly and affordably, regardless of your wants.

How Difficult Is It to Getting Number Plates Online?

We have succeeded in making registering plates online as straightforward as possible. The process is quite similar to when you order for them to be made in an auto parts store like Halfords, only that, in our case, you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

To make your registration plates online, you only need to key in your registration, design, and create your plate using our Online Plate Builder. When using the Online Plate Builder, you must select different options for letters, borders, slogans, or sizes to implement in your car plates.

In addition, we will require you to submit a few documents to authenticate your ID and show evidence of entitlement to the registration. It is that easy! To learn more about what is needed, please click here to find the needed information. We will send you your new car number plate as soon as we receive the necessary documentation.

What Are The Company’s Credentials?

Our business, as a business organization, has been actively involved in the car plates industry for about ten years; therefore, we possess enough skills and knowledge to help us serve our customers better than our competition.