What are Show Plates?

When we talk about ‘show plates, ’ we’re referring to creatively designed plates used for show-off only. These plates are used in a wide variety of scenarios and environments during car displays, including bike shows, car shows, car showrooms, and even racing events.

These plates have even found use in homes, with creative people using show plates as decoration pieces placed on walls in homes and offices. Some people use the show plates during photoshoots, while other car owners use them to spruce up their car image.

However, the business of car number plate suppliers issuing and supplying is controversial for a myriad of reasons. Herein, we will explore in detail the business of show plates, their legality, and everything you need to know about the issues surrounding them.

How And Why Show Plates Are Special

The main difference between show plates and other types of plates is the flexibility they accord vehicle owners or plate owners over and above the standard plates. Standard plates follow the rules specified by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Consequently, show plates owners can design their plates differently from the standard design.

For instance, you can design plates with a different layout from the standard plates. Moreover, you can use different and more sophisticated borders on show plates. You can even add badges and slogans on the plates as well.

At Number1Plates, we provide our customers with a sophisticated online plate builder to help you design show plates you like. You can explore the different types of plates you can choose from or explore your creativity and create unique plates. If you come across a plate that meets your needs and is to your liking, you can buy it on our secure platform from the comfort of your home or office.

Are Show Plates Legal?

The legality of show plates is an issue of debate and has always been in contention. As mentioned above, the plates are meant to be purely for show-off. Consequently, you are not expected to drive your car with the display plates attached. With this in mind and factoring in DVLA regulations, it’s safe to say that show plates are illegal.

It is legal to purchase show plates for their intended purpose – to show off. However, you should refrain from driving your car or motorcycle with the show plates on display.

You can even purchase show plates as a gift to car and bike lovers or display them during photoshoots or when your vehicle or bike is parked in your garage. However, never display show plates while driving on the road.

Fake Plate Dealers

Another consideration to keep in mind is the plate dealer you purchase your show plates from. You need to be careful you do not deal with unregistered dealers. Some dealers working from private premises claim to be suppliers of show plates, even though they’re not licensed to manufacture them.

Such businesses sell illegal plates while claiming you don’t have to submit an ID or DVLA documents. Typically, many of these unregistered businesses do not list their contact details on their websites. Additionally, the dealer does not ask for contact details and clarifications. In most cases, such show plate dealers are not genuine.

Taking your business to such dealers comes with a lot of risks. The main risk you face is losing your money with no chance of recovering the money.

Qualities Of Good And Genuine Show Plates Suppliers

A good and genuine plate supplier should provide evidence that they are legal suppliers of number plates. If a supplier readily proves that they’re legally authorised to produce plates, then you can trust them to produce your show plates.

Drawing from our experience in this business, we encourage show plate buyers to only work with genuine suppliers, especially if you are interested in quality products that also value for money. A genuine show plates supplier will work with you to ensure you get your plates on time. Moreover, many genuine show plates offer next-day delivery on orders before 1 pm. Finally, you’ll benefit from their many customisation options.






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